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V911,V912,V913 Transmitters: Push the left stick down to bottom left corner and push the appropriate stick down to the bottom correct corner at the very same time.
Then get the Construction Simulator 2014 - in this way your Android device becomes a virtual building website. Playing the Building Simulator 2014 you can take more than the handle of 14 building machines which are correct to the originals in high-good quality 3D graphics.
Improve your expertise with our advanced camera and replay program, letting you scrutinize every portion of your flight. 1st time users can try our free of charge Quadcopter FX Simulator to see if every single point operates effectively.

The Blade 180 QX combines the newest Quadcopter technology with the potential to record HD video and photographs effortlessly. The two modes with compact and big inclination angles had been specially created for steady camera flights, although the agility modus permits the pilot to fly stunts like loopings.
The intuitive camera can be activated any time throughout the flight and switch seamlessly between photo and video.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ permits you to shoot fully stabilized video from the sky. It characteristics a constructed-in higher precision three-axis camera stabilization system that brings a whole new level of smoothness to your aerial video's.
Thanks to this remarkable method your videos will be a lot smoother than with any other quadcopter. The camera tilt manage also allows you to point the camera straight down for a totally special view of the planet as noticed from the sky.

The device has pretty much no studying curve, for you just have to place the batteries into the quadcopter, install some parts and you are prepared to fly and record video. The quadcopter is very study and durable, and even if it crashes a lot of time (but nonetheless not encouraged), you will be in a position to deal with it with ease appropriate away.
The best way to get into aerial imaging is to buy an off-the-shelf quadcopter that can carry a camera.

I took the video applying my gopro hero 3, which I hung from the bottom of the quad making use of a velcro strap. I had a GoPro before that and came across the hobby when seeking at various uses for the camera.

I then progressed to FPV (Initial Person View), when you fly making use of the video stream, and now I've upgraded to the far more capable Discovery Pro. This palm-size, entry-level drone comes equipped with an SD camera and a six-axis flight handle technique.

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